Making our economy more robust, just, and enduring through employee ownership.

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About Working Wealth

There is no wealth creation tool more powerful than business ownership. As baby boomers retire, there is an opportunity for business owners to profitably sell to their employees, bringing the benefits of ownership more broadly across Massachusetts. Working Wealth was formed to encourage employee ownership in the Commonwealth and beyond.

Why Employee Ownership?

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Employee ownership has been proven to address three critical issues facing MA:

  • Preserving good, steady jobs
  • Giving employees the opportunity to build wealth
  • Creating attractive options for retiring business owners

As a result, it has received federal bipartisan support, and states have increasingly taken steps to encourage employee ownership. 

However, there are key barriers to adoption that prevent companies from becoming employee owned, especially for smaller companies: 

  • Low awareness & misconceptions
  • Confusing and expensive process
  • Hard to fully finance the transaction
  • Employees require technical training

The Harpoon Story

"I wanted the wonderful employees of The Harpoon Brewery who had helped us build this great business to be able to participate as owners in what we have created together. In an era of troubling inequality and too limited opportunity, employee ownership changes the rules of engagement, making capitalism truly a team sport. It also lets the wider world know everything they need to know about us and our values. As we say raising our glasses in the Beer Hall together: Cheers to Independent Craft Brewing."

Dan Kenary, CEO and co-founder, The Harpoon Brewing Company

Appearing in image: Tom Knight.

MA Employee Ownership Landscape

The best advocates are employee-owners

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